Welcome to our holiday Activity Courses

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Welcome to our holiday Activity Courses
We offer holiday activity courses for young people aged between 7-15 years old and operate during every school holiday except Christmas. We have a track: record of excellence and have been delivering holiday activity courses for over 20 years.
Master Chef
Master Chef is a practical cooking experience for young people who want to try their hand in the kitchen. You will be taught tips and techniques (技能) as well as cooking something different every day. We, will supply everything, and all you need is a willingness to try something new.
Cost: $140
Musical Theatre
The young people will have the chance to develop their acting and singing skills through many exciting workshops. They will learn basic singing techniques, improve acting skills and create plays to develop their creativity.
At the end of the week children will perform to parents in Prep Hall at 3:20 pm.
Cost: $135
Water Sports
We take Children to the Marine Lake for water sports. Activities include sailing, windsurfing and power boasting.
We will supple wetsuits and children should bring their own footwear, swimwear and a T-shirt. A packed lunch will be provided. Transport to the Marine Lake is by school minibus.
Cost: $160
Judo—meaning “gentle way” is a modern martial art (武术) and Olympic sport. The Judo course is led by a fully trained instructor and it is open to all levels; beginners are welcome.
Cost: $160
Children attending the course are on holiday; so it is important for them to have lots of fun and make new friends while learning new skills. With so many fantastic courses on offer, we are Wirral’s leading Holiday Activity Course Provider.
We look forward to welcoming you!
【1】What’s the cost of Master Chef
A. $140 B. $135
C. $260 D. $160
【2】Which course provides a packed lunch
A. Master Chef B. Musical Theater
C. Water sports D. Judo
【3】The passage in a (n) __________.
A. letter B. story
C. poem D. advertisement


【1】 A
【2】 C
【3】 D
【1】题意:厨师课的费用是多少?根据Master Chef课程介绍的最后一句Cost: $140可知学厨师的费用140元,故选A。
【2】题意:哪门课提供盒装午餐?根据Water Sports课程的介绍的第二段第二句A packed lunch will be provided.(午餐提供一顿盒饭。)可知Water Sports(水上运动)提供盒装午餐;选C。
【3】题意:这篇文章是一(个、则…) _____________。考查主旨理解题。A. letter信;B. story故事;C. poem诗,韵文;D. advertisement广告。根据标题《欢迎参加我们的假日活动课程》可知此文是一则广告;故选D。